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Terms of Use
Using our nmhax.download website, you automatically agree fully and completely the terms and conditions specified right here. Access to all types of visitors, however it is important to clarify that an interruption for maintenance of the website can be decided at any time.

In line with its communication policy, the site Tip Gaming aims to inform users on techniques and tips. However, inaccuracies or omissions may exist:
The site does not provide in any case of hacking software, hacking or cheating.
You're never in the obligation to complete the form (supply) to access the trick.
the site provides in any case resources / objects directly in games or applications / websites.
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The website does not encourage in any case or piracy or any other form 'unsolicited computer intrusion.
the website therefore disclaims any liability with regard to the use of the site, as well as actions of the visitor above. a PDF document, video or this guide on a website, containing tricks, methods will be given to users who fill an advertising offer (surcharge).

We do not guarantee that our website will be uninterrupted or error free. We make no warranties or representations regarding the use or the results of use of the content of the site "nmhax.download". The site provides the user interface of an online generator that will provide access to tips by completing an offer. Suffice validate your license, or more generally to complete a pay offer in order to read the documents provided. They are in PDF format, readable with Acrobat Reader, or other software or application used to view files in PDF format. It is possible that some PDF are replaced by video or a link to a website that provides tips.

Attention false information can be found on our website. It is in any case false promises or mislead the user. This practice is used for positioning purposes on search engines only.

The user can obtain a PDF document, video, or link to another site containing several functional tricks and methods to obtain "OBJECTS" to "VIRTUAL MONEY" in games or various applications or websites. The payment of these tricks are done through a mobile offer or filling an advertising inquiry. Conditions attached to the payment are indicated by the advertising partner before purchase and must be read and validated by the user before confirming the subscription. You are responsible for all costs related to the use as a visitor and user of our site. We can not be held responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect financial or special or consequential damages related to filling an advertising offer. In no case does the site Astuce-Gaming.com supports hacking or promulgated, the responsibility is the customer to test these methods only on his profile or to have had the permission of the third party. It is the user to remain legal under laws in force in the country where he resides. Beware, if you are a minor you must be at least 13 years and the agreement of your parents to use this site .

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